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it's like john boehner's position, he can't do a deal with obama on the budget or the tea party throw him overboard. chris: before we get this here, can anyone think we can establish and hold in this country a policy of containment, have the weapons, warn not to use them? >> no. chris: the syrian question, do you get a sense that we're talking about under this president, barack obama, of using u.s. forces to do air strikes? are we that close? >> two key political figures in the senate this week called on the president to create a no fly zone over northern syria, carl levin, a democrat senator and senator john mccain. behind them are a growing number of people in the state department, in the administration. i think the principle opposition of that is the white house and the president himself. when you have drown a red line, if the evidence is clear that the syrians have used chemical weapons, he is going to have to act, chris. you shouldn't make any mistake. he has to act. he doesn't want to. he is afraid of getting drawn in. you need to watch very carefully what they say about the evi
it and probably the thing john and i will do will be write songs as we have been doing as a sort of sideline now. we'll probably develop that a bit more the chris: and everyone is smokering during the interview. ant that old-timey? just look at the evolution of the cover art, by the way, through the 1960's and the final one in the 1970's. . magical mystery tour stands in stark contrast to the early days. the egg man i am the walrus ♪ i am the walrus ♪ >> there were two beatles, right? the beginning which comes out of the 1950's, the mop tops, the clean, innocent ones, and then the shift in 1966 when they decided they'd had enough of beat. mania and screaming women, amongst them joe's wife in the crowd, and they wanted to good back into the studio and end -- expend some of 9 capital they had built up to extend their range. that was unusual for brands. they had a very particular brand and they were prepared to say we're going to change it. >> but compared to the others -- the rolling stones, they never did that. that's the irony. he -- you hear paul mccartney say, we don't want to be up there
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)